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Based in Montreal, I am Greek Dominatrix with an extensive portfolio of services and specialties. With over 15 years experience, I have become a strong, sexy, sensual and extremely demanding Domina. Demanding of your devotion, openness, perseverance and your commitment to a long term relationship. Only through time and shared experience will we truly connect, and I will lead you beyond your expectations and the norms and boundaries of your limited imagination. Let Me empty your mind, tempt and tantalize your senses. Whether a novice or practitioner I dare you take the first step...

I will control you, you will be Mine.

You will sense My intoxicating presence surround you, catch the fleeting aroma of my perfume, the unique sound of leather on flesh, the swish of a cane, a high heel clicking on the floor....
Revel in the anticipation of your journey to come. I can be cruel, harsh, seductive and compassionate during your voyage of erotic domination. I feed off of your energy and you off of Mine.

I am your drug.

Your limits will be tested, and I will guide you to endure and enjoy the exploration of the very darkest avenues of your most secret fantasies. 
Let's discover your truth together.  You will be obedient and honest while submitting entirely to Me.  With My nurturing temperament I encourage you to feel safe enough to remove your mask and be who you truly are.  In return I will reward you... renew you.... release you.
Pain and pleasure will be your intertwining lovers, as I stretch you... exert you... overwhelm you.
You will be My slave, and I...I will be your ultimate obsession.

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