These live scenes take place at a discreet, well equipped Studio near a metro or with available parking.  Rates for Montreal only.

$60 Deposit required at My discretion.

300 - 1 hour

Scenes beginning after 23:00 are an additional 50 

Out-call scenes are an additional 50


Whether you just feel like chatting or want to experience a session via texting, I will captivate your most powerful erogenous zone.  Only once the fee is exchanged will you receive My number.


$50/20min texting



Crave attention or humiliation at My behest? Not ready yet for a live session, or you do not live in Montreal?  If you want to feel like you are somehow serving your Queen, I have just the thing for you. In exchange for a small fee, I will give you a humiliating task to perform.  you will need a phone to record the task, no need to show your face.

Step 1 - The exchange of the suggested fee  -$20-  either through interac or a giftcard.

Step 2 - A task is sent for you to complete

Step 3 - you complete the task and send Me the photo or video verification.


Don't just desire Me...Serve Me.



Serve Me by serving My needs. Take PRIDE in being in service to a true Queen. I like the finer things in life and I am worthy of your financial consideration. Impress Me by taking care of the essentials in My life or become the sole recipient of My credit card bill. Just imagine having to pay for My most intimate and sexy purchases, knowing that your hard earned cash is going to a far worthier cause than your own tawdry little needs. Imagine paying for My dates with My bulls...   I bring out in you a compulsion that is overwhelming, you just cannot resist.  YOU KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN FOREVER DREAMING ABOUT THIS...Your financial slavery to Me reflects your worship of Me and your devotion to Me.


Are you new to BDSM , possibly unsure of what you would desire in a session, or simply anxious to meet Me and see if W/we have a connection? This is simply a chance to meet and chat. E-Transfer deposit of $50 to reserve. No fetish or public domination involved, this is strictly a vanilla meeting.  We can meet at a cafe, a bar or at the Studio for a chat and tour. This can be done prior to our session together or after we are done playing.

Coffee / Drinks / Dinner / Dungeon Tour $150/hr


I will meet with you and enjoy an evening with you in a relaxed public environment. Take Me for cocktails, dinner, or to enjoy a performance. Take Me shopping and watch Me try on outfits and shoes before you purchase them for Me. No fetish or public display of domination or submission involved. This is a chance to spend time with Me and get to know Me. E-Transfer deposit of $100 to reserve.

Dinner / Cocktails / Theater / Cinema / Shopping / Events $400 for the evening


You have read the book and want to take your relationship to another level. You want to be more dominant for your husband. Or you want your wife to learn how to embrace her inner goddess and take control. If you don't know where to begin I will help guide you in the direction you could only imagine. Email Me for more information and tribute list. 
-Learn how to use various equipment properly and with safety.
-How to warm up the body and play with sensations and intensity.
-Various way to use rope and household implements.
-Where to buy equipment and how to care for it. 
-How to set up a scene, protocols, safe words, reading body language.