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Sensually Torturous Seductivelly Powerful






I take extreme pleasure in most aspects of kink but particularly enjoy intense play and pushing both Myself and My partner’s boundaries. For Me intense play doesn’t necessarily mean pain – some of My most stimulating sessions have involved nothing more than a continual and torturous exchange of tantalizing sensations.

Most of My sessions involve some level of collaboration, intellectual and emotional exchange. Whatever your interests I can find a way to accommodate them.

Whether you are in need of extreme correction or just looking to worship at My beautiful feet I enjoy both the strict and sensual side of BDSM. Either way, I will apply strictness to your life!



Do you long for extreme acts? This is My 1st love. While you wither in pain, I will push and torment your mind and body while embracing your limits, temptations and ugly desires. 


You think you are maso....let Me be the judge of that!

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